Win against kitchen grease with JettyRobot!

Apr 03, 2020

Cleaning grease in kitchen ducts can be a very challenging job. Kitchen grease is very resistant, sticky and hard to remove.

We now bring you the ultimate solution. Following years of constant work and development, we have brought the combination of JettyRobot and dry ice blasting to a new level in the area of kitchen grease cleaning. We can now achieve results like never before.

Have a look at the JettyRobot in action and see the amazing results by yourself!


The cleaning of kitchen ducts is very important since uncleaned ducts pose a major safety and hygiene risk. Insurance companies may refuse to cover the damages caused by uncleaned kitchen ducts.

Stop using ineffective brushes or chemical solvents and foams which may leak from the system and need to be disposed of properly. Cleaning with dry ice is an effective and eco-friendly cleaning solution for successful business.

Outsmart your competitors and use a robotic cleaning technology of the 21st Century, the JettyRobot and dry ice blasting, to tackle grease. Below find the key benefits of robotic cleaning with dry ice:

  • Eliminate all safety issues for your employees. JettyRobot is operated from a safe place outside the ducts and no people are required to enter confined spaces.
  • Operate for long distances, safely and effectively. Save time and money by avoiding the need to disassemble and assemble the ducts.
  • Bends, horizontal ducts, round and square ducts? JettyRobot handles them all. Make no compromises and clean the whole system.

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The JettyRobot Team