Meet the JettyRobot Robots

We manufacture JettyRobot robots that inspect, clean, maintain and repair pipes, ducts, and HVAC systems. We are prepared for the most demanding environments.

We guarantee the stability, strength, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, safety, high durability, quality video inspection and versatility of JettyRobot robots.

JettyRobot 6

Ready to connect a range of tools to inspect and clean pipes up to 1,350 mm in diameter.

For which situations


For the harsh environment of heavy industry

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JettyRobot S

Ready for working operations in pipes from a diameter of 200 mm.

For which situations

Highly resistant

For the harsh industrial environment

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JettyRobot Special Solutions

Are you not satisfied with the parameters of standard JettyRobot robots? Do you need a special tool, production integration or production process automation with JettyRobot?

For which situations

Tailor-made solutions for your pipes

For all pipes

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JettyRobot Tools and Accessories

Tools for cleaning and inspection

Accessories for various applications

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