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Sale of Robots

Are you in the HVAC and industrial exhaust cleaning business? Do you provide duct cleaning, inspection and repair services? Get ahead of the competition and meet even your customers' most demanding requirements with JettyRobot technology.

We Offer for Sale JettyRobot Kits

  • JettyRobot 6 – for pipes (round, square, rectangular, S-shaped) with a diameter of 350 - 1 350 mm.
  • JettyRobot S – for pipes (round, square, rectangular, S-shaped) with a diameter of 200 - 540 mm.
  • JettyRobot Set– set of JettyRobot S and JettyRobot 6 robots with one control panel. Only one of the robots can be operated at a time.

Tools and Accessories for Robots

  • Dry ice blasting - in the basic JettyRobot set-up. 
  • Compressed air blasting - in the basic JettyRobot set-up.
  • Brush module - additional module for cleaning with brushes for both types of JettyRobot. 
  • Rotary vacuum cleaner module - additional rotary vacuum cleaner module for JettyRobot 6.
  • Accessories - cable reel, hose reel or hose and cable set, suitable for selected types of applications.

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Cooperation With JettyRobot

  • Before selling JettyRobot, we will verify that the technology will meet your needs and expectations.
  • If you are unsure, we will perform tests with a demonstration of the technology
  • We also offer the implementation of a pilot project on your premises. So that you can check how the technology works in your specific conditions. 
  • We will train your JettyRobot operators. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part and ends with a test. Upon successful completion, operators will receive a certificate.  We will familiarize the operators with the recommended and proven procedures for cleaning air ducts and industrial exhausts. We will introduce the methodology of project preparation and quotation preparation.
  • The delivery of the technology includes a one-day supervision of a JettyRobot employee during the implementation of your first project. Your operators will gain confidence and test their knowledge in practice. Supervision can be booked for further projects as a paid service.
  • Remote support of JettyRobot robots via the Internet is a matter of course.
  • Our robots are designed to work in the harshest conditions and for 24/7 operation. In case of wear and tear, we have usual spare parts in stock and ship without delay.
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service for the entire lifetime of the JettyRobot technology.

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Frequently asked questions to help you decide.

How Will You Improve the Safety of Your Workers?

Put JettyRobot robots in the pipeline instead of people.

How Will You Reduce the Cost of Inspecting, Cleaning, and Operating Your Pipelines?

When you deploy JettyRobot, you don't have to dismantle the pipeline and can better plan and utilize regular downtime. You'll find out more easily how your pipeline is performing, get back up to full speed faster, and save on pipeline replacement costs.

Don't Know How to Fix Your Piping Problem?

Our JettyRobot development team is constantly working on improvements and designing new technologies. We will also come up with an individual solution for your operation.

Do You Need to Automate Operations in Production?

We design customised solutions, integrate JettyRobot technology into production processes, automate production processes.

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