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Mining Industry

In the mining of minerals, pipelines are used to transport the raw materials efficiently during processing, using a stream of water to transport the raw materials. 

The pipelines are fitted with an internal liner to prevent abrasive wear of the pipe itself. If the liner is damaged, it may become loose and subsequently block the pipe. In the event of uncontrolled wear of the lining, the pipeline itself may be progressively damaged, resulting in a crash and shutdown. Shutdowns in this industry mean high economic losses for mining companies.

What Problems Customers Solve Most Often

Preventive maintenance and downtime minimisation - with a properly set up preventive maintenance system, unexpected downtime can be prevented. Using JettyRobot technology, you can inspect your pipelines and use them to plan timely maintenance in a controlled manner according to the actual condition and wear of the pipeline. 

Inspection and inspection of pipelines - using JettyRobot technology, it is possible to inspect pipelines and plan timely maintenance based on their actual condition and wear. With a range of up to 1,500 m, the latest JettyRobot significantly reduces the number of pipeline disconnections and streamlines the speed of inspection

Transporting technology into the pipe - JettyRobot can be fitted with technologies that allow on-site repair of damaged lining.

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Customer Needs From the Mining Industry

In the challenging environment of the mining industry, customers especially need:

  • Determine the actual condition of the lining inside the pipe.
  • Restore the lining in the pipe.

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How the Cooperation With JettyRobot Works

  • We will schedule a detailed workflow with you.
  • The first step before the inspection is to clean the pipes. High pressure water jetting is usually used for cleaning. 
  • We inspect the pipeline, using mostly the following methods: visual inspection, measurement of the residual thickness of the lining, other methods on request.
  • At the end, the customer receives a report of the inspection.
  • Based on the results of the inspection, it is possible to plan the repair of the damaged areas. The following methods are usually used to remove the damaged lining and prepare the surface for the new lining: high-pressure water jetting, abrasive blasting, other methods on request.

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How Will You Improve the Safety of Your Workers?

Put JettyRobot robots in the pipeline instead of people.

How Will You Reduce the Cost of Inspecting, Cleaning, and Operating Your Pipelines?

When you deploy JettyRobot, you don't have to dismantle the pipeline and can better plan and utilize regular downtime. You'll find out more easily how your pipeline is performing, get back up to full speed faster, and save on pipeline replacement costs.

Don't Know How to Fix Your Piping Problem?

Our JettyRobot development team is constantly working on improvements and designing new technologies. We will also come up with an individual solution for your operation.

Do You Need to Automate Operations in Production?

We design customised solutions, integrate JettyRobot technology into production processes and automate production processes.

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