Distillery: Succesful Cleaning Accomplished

Mar 20, 2020

Our customer is a global beverage alcohol producer whose portfolio includes brands located all over the world.

During the distillation process, soot is formed in the factories, which subsequently settles on the exhaust system pipe surface. Soot is a very flammable and highly resistant contaminant that is profoundly difficult to clean.

The whole pipe system needs to be cleaned regularly due to:

– Fire hazard

– Ventilator overloading and high operational costs

Originally, specially trained workers with breathing equipment had to climb inside the chimneys and pipes of a larger diameter and clean the contamination manually using scrapers. This work was unpleasant and dangerous.

The JettyRobot setup, however, was quick and easy, there was no need to send personnel to confined spaces and the whole cleaning process was controlled from a safe area by two workers only.

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