Ultra-high-pressure Water Jetting for Pipe Maintenance

May 10, 2019

We are proud to announce that our JettyRobot has been successfully tested for ultra high-pressure water jetting.

Watch the JettyRobot performance in our new video:

In cooperation with Woma Kärcher Group, we have combined two unique technologies, JettyRobot 6 and Woma EcoMaster® MK 3 2800/25.

We have tested these two technologies together during water jetting by 2800 bar and flow 26 l / min.
During the test, a few different types of epoxy paint have been removed.

Ultra-high pressure water jetting is a highly efficient cleaning method. It can be used not only to remove old coating but also to remove rust, biofilm, limescale and much more. As with other cleaning methods, we are able to apply this cleaning method in horizontal and vertical pipes, bends and reducers.

Contact us at info@jettyrobot.cz for more detailed information.

The JettyRobot Team