Successful Pitch Cleaning in Veneer Production

Dec 19, 2017

Pitch deposits in an exhaust system from a veneer dryer represent a serious fire hazard. Every year, a number of producers are effected by fire and forced into production break. Until now, the cleaning – if done at all – had been a time consuming procedure requiring dismantling the duct and laborious manual cleaning.

From now on, veneer producers can be at peace. We have successfully tested cleaning pitch deposits using the dry ice method in British Columbia, Canada.  The setup used consisted of the JettyRobot 6 and the Cold Jet Aero 75 dry ice cleaning machine. With the JettyRobot 6 and the Cold Jet dry ice blasting machine, veneer producers can introduce an effective cleaning process allowing them to eliminate potential fires of pitch deposits in their dryer exhausts.

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View into the duct through an uncleaned branch. The cleaned surface can be clearly distinguished from the uncleaned areas.