Is there anything important new in the area of air conditioning and ventilation systems?

The situation is rapidly changing in this area after all the years when it was not clear whether to clean or not and what are responsibilities of the building owners. It is clear now that air conditioning and ventilation systems must be cleaned and what are levels of cleanliness.

A standard EN 15780:2011 „Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of ventilation systems“ was approved by CEN on September 11, 2011. It became national standard in all EU member states, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland in April 2012 at latest. This standard applies to new as well as to already existing ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Further important standard EN 12599:2012 „Ventilation for buildings. Test procedures and measurement methods to hand over air conditioning and ventilation systems“ was approved by CEN on August 25, 2012. It became a national standard in all CEN member states, i.e. all EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, in April 2013 at latest.

Under the EU Directive 2010/31/EU all EU member states must establish and apply minimum energy performance requirements for new and existing buildings, ensure the certification of building energy performance and require the regular inspection of boilers and air conditioning systems in buildings. Moreover, the Directive requires Member States to ensure that by 2021 all new buildings are so-called ‘nearly zero-energy buildings’. Part of this initiative is that an energy performance certificate must be issued for each building over 250 meters squared until July 9, 2015. The above mentioned standards contain procedures and criteria related to air conditioning and ventilation systems.