High Speed Penstock Coating Renovation in a Hydroelectric Power Station

Jan 26, 2021

The JettyRobot successfully completed a pilot project in preparation for a penstock coating renovation in the Hydroelectric Power Station Dlouhé Stráně. The task was to remove the old coating and corrosion and to apply new coating. The aim was to: prevent deep corrosion, shorten regular annual shutdowns and apply modern coatings with long durability.

In the past, the coating renewal was done manually which was highly inefficient, costly and risked the safety of workers present inside the pipe.

Old coating was removed by the JettyRobot 6 using ultra high-pressure water jetting. New coating application was done by airless spraying of one-component coatings.

The customer’s evaluation: „Robotic coating renewal exceeded our expectations not only due to higher speed and resulting quality, but above all due to the level of safety, which is incomparably higher than the original method.“


  • Robotic coating renewal is 4x faster overall
  • The adhesion of the coating to the surface is 2x higher than by manual application before
  • The work is safe, no workers needed inside the pipeline during the application.

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