Food Processing Factory Cleaned – USA

Mar 13, 2020

The customer is a worldwide food processing company. Their main focus is on cereal and convenience food production.

One of the customer’s largest facilities is located in the USA, with a whole duct and pipe system that is several thousand miles long.

Cleaning a pipe system of such a huge size using conventional methods (disassembling sections of the duct system and cleaning them manually) would be extremely time-consuming and most likely not even possible, particularly due to short shutdown time.

In the past, two production lines had to be stopped because of a fire in the exhaust system. The costs of this fire accident included not only the price of the system repair, but also the loss of profit during the forced shutdown.

Dry ice technology cleans the pipes deeply without using any chemicals, therefore preventing product contamination.

After a successful pilot project, the client has implemented the JettyRobot cleaning regularly, to ensure a production environment and final products of the highest possible quality.

The JettyRobot cleans duct systems faster, more safely and without the need for any shutdowns.

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