Disinfect your ducts and pipelines with JettyRobot!

Apr 10, 2020

Current strict measures have had an impact on operations in practically every field of industry as well as the economy. In response to these restrictions and stricter demands on the overall cleanliness of the workplace, the JettyRobot team has developed accessories for its robots that allow for spraying all kinds of pipelines and ducts with disinfectant. This, especially in combination with other cleaning methods, can lower the risk of spreading the infection via ventilation ducts.

Have a look at an illustrative video of using the spray-on disinfectant (click on the image below).

The objective of disinfecting pipelines using disinfectant spray-on is the immediate removal of viruses and bacteria from the surface of, not only, HVAC pipelines.

The benefit of this kind of application is its speed, simple logistics, and versatility. JettyRobot sprays the disinfectant on in a controlled way and applies it evenly onto the surface of the pipeline along its whole length. During application, the contaminant residue in the pipeline is not cleaned, therefore it’s recommended to combine spray-on disinfecting with another cleaning method JettyRobot typically offers. 

For example, dry ice blasting (find more information here, sample video of blasting here), which not only removes contaminant residue from the pipeline’s surface but also gets rid of most microorganisms and bacteria. (see Food Standard Agency Report on Dry Ice Blasting).

If your operation has been limited or closed due to tightened preventive measures, you can use this extra time efficiently and catch up on what you neither have time nor space for under normal operation.

In fact, one of the commonly forgotten areas is maintenance of industrial ducts and ventilation pipelines, though cleanliness and hygiene should be a definite priority not only during these days.

JettyRobot also allows for cleaning and disinfecting ventilation and many other kinds of pipelines without needing to limit operation or production shutdown.

Ensure your employees have a clean working environment and a smooth and safe operation that will not be jeopardized in the future, for example by the risk of fire from accumulated dirt in industrial ducts. Prepare your business for full operation without forced downtime!

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Best wishes and stay healthy!

The JettyRobot Team