Cookies Policy

We are JettyRobot s.r.o., registered office Modřanská 621/72, Modřany, 143 00 Prague 4, our company ID No is 04952162, and we operate this website, on which we use cookies.

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What cookies are

Cookies are short and small text files stored by your device’s browser (phone, computer, etc.). When you return to our website, your browser will send us back the stored cookies and our website will remember you. This means, for example, you will not have to set your language, currency, etc. repeatedly. It also enables us to tailor the website for you and to show you content that interests you or that you have stored on the website. Thanks to these cookies, we can get feedback from our website and we know what interests you, why you return, and also what needs to be improved. You don’t need to worry. Cookies are used by most websites nowadays and you can delete them from your browser whenever you want.

Depending on the source of the cookies, we distinguish between:

- First-party cookies – their validity is limited to the domain of the website you are visiting.
- Third-party cookies – these are placed on the website through a script from another domain and they can track the user across multiple domains (not only on our domain).

Depending on their expiration (life span), we distinguish between:

- Session cookies – these are deleted from your browser as soon as you close it.
- Persistent cookies – these are not deleted after the browser is closed but are retained. They are only deleted after a certain period of time. How long that is depends on the specific cookies and your browser settings. You can of course manually delete cookies in your browser before this

Depending on their purpose, we classify cookies as follows:

- Technical (essential or functional) – these are cookies that are simply necessary. Our website needs them to function properly. Without them, visitors would not be able to search, fill out forms or watch videos.

- Preference – thanks to these cookies, the website remembers your language, the articles you have read and the videos you have watched. We can then show you content that interests you or that you haven’t seen before.

-Analytical and marketing (statistical) – these help us understand what works and does not work on the website. They enable us to see what content and functions are popular, and the types of devices people are using to view the website. In other words, they enable us to improve both our website and, above all, its content.

Cookies used

Blocking cookies in your browser

Browsers allow you to block cookies storage directly in your browser. However, if you disable all cookies, some parts of (not only) our website may stop functioning. You will need to configure the browser settings for each of your devices (laptop, phone, tablet) separately.

Information about the cookies storage settings in your browser is always available on the browser website.

This Cookies Policy was prepared as of December 19, 2022 and may be subject to change in the future.