New Technology JettyRobot

Do you have work that needs to be done inside a duct or pipe? Let us assist you. We have created a new concept of the JettyRobot – the JettyRobot Universal. This version helps you use the JettyRobot as a tool that can deliver any technology inside ducts and pipes. We have altered  the original JettyRobot that uses dry ice blasting or compressed air cleaning and transformed it into a JettyRobot which can be used for any inspection, cleaning, and maintenance inside ducts and pipes. The JettyRobot now provides a frontal mechanical interface for attaching a new tool and an electrical connector. The first new tool implemented is a brush tool which will be available in September. Later on, we plan to add a special inspection camera, other types of blasting media, painting, sealing, underwater operations… realization of orders will be driven by the customers’ requirements. Are you ready? Contact us by e-mail now…

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The JettyRobot can be used for


Inspection is the easiest part of a JettyRobot’s life. All she has to do is go through ducts and whilst using her front and rear camera (gyroscope and accelerometer), she reports on the ducts’ conditions (lengths, diameters, slope). The only place where she needs to watch her step is the vertical part of a duct or when a duct changes its diameter.


Cleaning is the most common part of her working day. There are many different cleaning methods (from simple brushes to sophisticated dry ice blasting) and the right choice is crucial in order to achieve an excellent result. The JettyRobot has experience with many of these methods and so you can easily find the best solution for your needs.

Maintenance & Repair

The most challenging situation in a JettyRobot’s life is when a duct or pipe gets damaged, needs insulation, painting or any other kind of repair. When you are unable to reach inside the duct yourself due to its size or for security reasons, the JettyRobot is capable of solving this in a very powerful and accurate way (she is able to use tools with an accuracy of 0,1 mm). As your needs in this area are unique, we use an individual approach in every single case.

JettyRobot’s Most Valuable Features:


Centered in the duct, it strongly and precisely props itself against the duct, stable enough even for high pressure cleaning methods


Each of the traction units (drives) has a thrust (force) of 400 N


Can adapt to all duct shapes (rectangular, round and square), duct sizes from 200 mm/8“, vertical ascent & descent, the height of the duct system from the floor


The JettyRobot contains threads and a holder for a technological unit, is ready to connect to the customers’ tools and open to customers’ requirements


Reduces facility downtime and laborious ducting disassembly, dramatic savings in man-hours


No workers needed in your pipes, the operator controls the JettyRobot from a safe location using a control panel

Heavy duty

Manufactured using space technologies, a robust and sturdy construction for the harshest of environments


High quality HD real time video inspection, recording & playback, front & back view


One robot for more tasks (inspection, cleaning, maintenance), effective cleaning using a wide range of methods and high technologies (brushes, dry ice, compressed air, high pressure water, sponge blasting, soda blasting, nutshell blasting, laser, sand blasting, grit blasting, etc.)

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