Jetty Robot

Cleaning and Inspection of Ducts

The perfect solution to the challenge, inspecting and cleaning to the highest standard first time, every time.


  • Harness the power and properties of Dry Ice blasting technology
  • Robust and sturdy construction for the harshest of environments
  • Suitable for all duct shapes, horizontal, vertical ascent & decent
  • Full control and safety provided by comprehensive remote panel
  • High quality HD real time video inspection, recording & playback
  • Adjustable nozzle rotation with programmable rotation planning
  • Three to six individual micro processor controlled traction units
  • Compelling results without detergents or toxic chemical agents


  • Clean effectively in areas previously uncleaned by contractors
  • Environmentally-friendly, efficient, effective with no new CO2
  • Cleaning and bacteriological removal to the highest standard
  • Address air quality issues in line with EU Standard CEN 15780
  • Reduce energy inefficiency and address fire safety in ducting
  • Reduce cleaning time & eliminates secondary waste streams
  • Reduce facility downtime and laborious ducting dis-assembly
  • Dramatic savings in man hours & expensive toxic chemicals
  • Monitor & record inspection & cleaning for client satisfaction

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