NADCA’s 2017 Fall Technical Conference

We are extremely pleased to announce the first public presentation of the JettyRobot device held in the United States of America. The presentation will take place at NADCA’s 2017 Fall Technical Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, September 14 – 16, 2017.

Thanks to our customer Video Industrial Services, Inc. , it is our great pleasure to invite you to a live demonstration of the JettyRobot at the exhibition taking place during the NADCA’s 2017 Fall Technical Conference. If you wish to see this unique demonstration, kindly book your time with us via the following email link.

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JettyRobot Day June 15, 2017

We would like to express our gratitude to all the visitors who came to our JettyRobot Day held in Prague on June 15, 2017. We were extremely pleased to have met with more than 40 participants from all around Europe, as well as the USA.

It was our pleasure to inform you of our next plans and announce the launch of the new JettyRobot Universal, an expansion to our current dry ice duct cleaning applications. The new JettyRobot Universal concept will allow using the JettyRobot as a universal tool to deliver any technologies and tools into ducts and pipes. It will also enable customers in other industries and with other applications to benefit from the unique, patented JettyRobot design.

Along with the live demonstration of cleaning the duct using dry ice, other technologies related to cleaning and maintenance were also being presented, such as laser cleaning by Lascam or drones by Robodrone Industries, etc. The dry ice cleaning demonstration was supported by Linde Gas and their Cold Jet machines.

We are proud to announce that three new JettyRobots were delivered to our customers on this occasion. Every customer had the option of giving a name to their own JettyRobot. Alice will be sent to our Norwegian distributor RjT Service, Mr. Perfect is travelling to a German customer EisSchmitt, and Rosie will be delivered to our first US customer Video Industrial Services. Three new drivers have successfully passed their training and received their JettyRobot driving licenses and JettyRobot driver jackets.

We look forward to our next meeting. In the meantime, we would be more than happy to hear any ideas you might have and / or more about your applications.

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Something new to see… on Jetty.

We pride ourselves on being able to help the customer in realising just the solution that they are looking for. This is the case with the new Jetty operated by Eisschmitt in Germany which has a little something more to see… a rear mounted integrated multifunctional camera.

We were advised by Thomas Schmitt that many of the situations in which they worked, Eisschmitt would benefit from the ability to drive easily in any direction and they felt that they would additionally benefit from flexibility when inspecting and recording in duct.

The design team delivered a camera and LED lighting designed to the performance of our existing camera offering all the same features. Rear driving is simplified and the operator can view, inspect & record video of cleaning from software options, on Jetty’s control panel.

We are happy to announce that anyone can potentially add this camera to their system as we have included it as an option for your brand new Jetty or just upgrade your existing one.

For more information regarding Jetty Robot and the ways in which we can move your business forward, contact us on,
Neovision, we offer solutions.

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Jetty in Germany

We would like to announce the arrival of the latest generation of Jetty Robot System in the heart of Germany.

Eisschmitt GmbH located in Rottendorf offer Jetty Duct Cleaning service, sales and support throughout the region. Holding a strong background in industrial cleaning, dry ice technology and two years of experience with Jetty Robot we are delighted to announce the delivery and ongoing local access to professional duct cleaning services.

For more detail and information on the services and the benefit professional duct cleaning contact Thomas Schmitt by e-mail info (at) or at the office on +49 9302 9894110.

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World Efficiency 2015 Held in Paris

Date: 13-15.10.2015

Jetty will be available to offer live demonstration and contamination removal at WE 2015. Please come over and see us at the main entrance, we would be happy to see you there….

WE official web page:

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Innorobo 2015 Held in Lyon

Date: 1-3.7.2015

There will be the opportunity to see Jetty at work in France with live demonstration of duct cleaning at Innorobo in association with M-Tecks Robotics. Contact us for more details…

Innorobo official web page:

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European Demonstration Activities

We are finalising our schedule for Summer 2015 European Demonstration Activities which will offer the opportunity to see Jetty in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and France during the course of the summer. We will release detailed information on these event over the coming month however feel free to contact us for more information on where you may see Jetty at work and meet the Neovision team.

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Jetty Demonstration Days in Singapore

We are thrilled to announce our demonstration days in Singapore. The events will be held on 12th June 2015 throughout the day with presentations of Jetty Robot in application with expert assistance on hand to meet your questions on this revolutionary new solution to duct cleaning that meet the challenges of cleaning in small spaces. We will release more information on the events hosted by Neovision and Amptec Industrial Heating shortly…

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Jetty Days at part2clean

Jetty Robot will be appearing at parts2clean 2015 which is held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre on the 09th-11th June 2015 at stand no. 4A46 in hall 4. The show has a focus on new products and innovative processes for cleaning industrial parts and surfaces. You are invited to examine Jetty and her unique and patented innovations that allow the professional cleaning of air conditioning, industrial and kitchen vents from within. We can discuss dry ice media and it’s suitability to the task of air duct cleaning and the reduction or elimination of time consuming secondary clean up.

We look forward to meeting you there…

Location & opening time information.

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ISSA/Interclean hindsight

We would like to thank our exhibition partners Cold Jet Europe for the benefit of their experience, insight and technology and all who visited us at the ISSA/Interclean 2015. The event were excellent and we are grateful of the interest and feedback we have received. At this time we are excited to announce that Jetty Robot is available throughout Poland. For more information on contract duct cleaning services or the benefits of ownership of this leading edge technology please do not hesitate to contact us, we are delighted to assist with your questions.

ISSA/Interclean 2015

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