Successfully Cleaning HVAC ducts after a Fire – Linköping Sweden

Nov 29, 2019

The customer requested HVAC duct cleaning in a 4-level office building, which had been damaged by fire.

The whole HVAC system was contaminated by dust, as well as a smoky smell from the fire. The smell was in fact the most pressing issue and conventional cleaning methods, such as brushes, were unable to remove it.

Dry ice blasting, in combination with JettyRobot technology were identified as the only suitable solution.

During a 3-day cleaning process, the whole HVAC system in the building was cleaned using JettyRobot and dry ice blasting. The HVAC system in the building is very complicated, with a lot of ducting branches and changes in duct shape and diameter.

JettyRobot was able to tackle all these aspects and clean the system successfully.

The smoky smell and dust contamination were removed from the system.

The customer is very pleased with the results and can recommend using JettyRobot and dry ice blasting for jobs of this kind.

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