Stay safe and save costs with JettyRobot HVAC, an industrial and kitchen exhaust and pipeline cleaning system

Jul 1, 2020

If poorly maintained, exhaust and ventilation systems may contaminate work areas with microorganisms (bacteria), mold spores, yeast and viruses. More attention has been paid to such hazards during the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and, in recent years, to “SBS” (Sick Building Syndrome) and “BRI” (building-related illness), as workplace diseases have been increasingly caused by hygiene deficiencies in maintenance.

Regular inspection / maintenance / disinfection / service ensures that the value and performance of your exhaust and ventilation system is maintained so that it can reliably perform its task for many years.


Industrial and kitchen exhaust systems are naturally exposed to heavy and highly flammable contaminants. Those contaminants are distributed and deposited throughout the whole ventilation system and pose an increased risk of fire.
They can ignite spontaneously, and then the fire can hardly be controlled or extinguished.

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Industrial and kitchen exhaust system that is not at all or insufficiently maintained will no longer meet your requirements and will lose performance and increase operational costs. Residues in the ventilation system affect the flow behavior of the extracted air. Residues and deposits in the system lead to a noticeable loss of power or even motor burnt out because the originally calculated aerodynamic properties are no longer met.


A poorly or unmaintained exhaust and ventilation system cannot fulfill its intended task in the long run. It poses latent hygiene and fire risk, incurs costs due to new purchases/repairs, and also carries sensitive liability risks for the facility owner.

See how we can help with our JettyRobot services:

1. We can solve problems in your (your client´s) facilities and production plants promptly and to the highest quality standards (available globally).

2. We help increase the performance of your ventilation systems and, at the same time, help reduce operation and maintenance costs.

3. We help increase your personnel security – by eliminating the need to move people in confined spaces.

4. We help eliminate the risks of accidents and very costly production shutdowns.

5. We offer a universal solution tailored to your needs.

6. We will provide you with an overview of the situation in your ventilation systems, with a recorded HD video report.

7. We can go through the whole system (including bends and verticals), reaching areas that others cannot – without needing to dismantle the whole system.

8. Our service may help you get a higher value on possible insurance claims – documentation for the insurance company that the ventilation system has been cleaned and maintained.

9. We can make client customized changes and develop special robots and tools based on your requirements and needs.

10. We help ensure the quality of your products – clean pipelines = clean production.

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The JettyRobot Team