About us

The development of the first JettyRobot started in November 2008. It was designed to clean air conditioning systems with the dry ice blasting method. Our first prototype was created in May 2009, followed by extensive testing, collecting experiences and continuous development. The first robot was delivered to an industrial customer at the turn of 2011 and 2012.

Since then, a number of improvements have been made and today, the JettyRobot is a mature product.

JettyRobot s.r.o. is a company dedicated to and specialized in the development of robots working in duct and pipe environments. Whenever we need to use the knowledge and experience in contactless measurement and image processing, we turn to our sister company JettyVision – the company that has had many years of experience in developing and delivering applications for optical inspection and optical 2D and 3D measurements in different industries.

Why do we produce the JettyRobot?

We are happy to see top duct & pipe professionals to have used the JettyRobot under even the most difficult of conditions successfully for many years. We want to benefit our customers by solving the most difficult tasks in the area of cleaning ducts & pipes, no matter how hot, wet or frozen the environment. We create solutions that are well thought-out and heavy-duty.

Our Partners