Jetty is a uniquely designed belt driven robot. It cleans and inspects air-conditioning ducts, kitchen and industrial air vents, air-conditioning vents or any spaces where cleaning is strenuous or impossible without dismantling. The latest generation’s design benefits from the experience gained and continuous development and offers improved utility, greater resistance, higher efficiency and easier handling.

High Efficiency

The robust design and construction of Jetty is powered by dry ice blasting technology and highly efficient nozzles. Available in a range of models, the multi-tracked body of the Jetty allows it to expand to required size of the duct. This center’s the Jetty in the duct for maximum efficiency and ensures stability during nozzle rotation. The rotation velocity of the nozzle and the velocity of the Jetty’s locomotion can be adjusted according to the level of contamination. The dry ice is sprayed from the nozzle at ‑78° C. It quickly super cools the surface and causes thermal shock, as a result, the contamination is released due to the differences in the tension between the contamination and the underlying surface.

All Duct Shapes

Jetty is able to easily pass through, inspect and clean circular, rectangular or square-shaped ducts and due to its superior design, it can be used in horizontal vertical or sloping ducting. Jetty can also pass through S-shaped ducting and various turns.

Set Up and Operation

Jetty has been designed as a modular, component system. The entire system can be unpacked assembled and set up quickly and easily. The operator controls the robot from a safe location using a control panel. They can easily position the robot as needed by manipulating the control panel and monitor the progress and results as the duct ahead of the robot is illuminated and scanned by a camera. The additional functionality enables video recordings to be saved so the situation before and after cleaning can be assessed and customers can see the difference for themselves.

Technical Parameters

Minimum Duct Diameter360 mm
Maximum Duct Diameter (standard configuration)710 mm
Maximum Duct Diameter (with added extensions)* 1300 mm
Maximum Locomotion Speed 70 mm/s
Robot Service Weight (excluding the supply hose and cable)35 kg
Dry Ice Hose Length (max.)50 m
Switchboard Power Supply100–240 V AC
Duct Type/ShapesCircular, Square, Rectangular, S-Shaped, Horizontal, Slopping and Vertical
* Adjustable according to customer requirements

Jetty has been designed and developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and it is under patent protection.


JettyRobot Leaflet 2017
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