Required Equipment

Jetty Robot Systems extend the properties of blasting media into small spaces such as ducts and pipes. It works as part of an assembly and would operate with approved blasting machine and suitable compressed air supply.

Compressed Air supply

Jetty Robot Systems deliver media under pressure (media plus compressed air). The compressed air required for Jetty Robot Systems seperate and internal operation is generally sourced from the compressor serving the approved blasting machine, an independant portablel compressor or potentially internal air line provided on site. For more details of the requirements for compressed air to deliver pressurised media please consult your approved blasting machine manual or manufacturer. It is important when using dry ice media you use a source of compressed air with measures to remove moisture. For more detail or information please contact us and we can review the suitability of any existing equipment.

If you are the owner of midsized compressors
We are happy to review and feedback on the suitability of any existing compressor, please contact us with the make and model of your existing equipment and we will endevour to trial suitable models as yet untested.

Dry Ice Blasting Machines

Approved DIB Machines

Most single hose dry ice blasting (DIB) machines are compatible with Jetty System, please tell us your make and model to confirm compatibility.

The machines below were provided by the manufacturer and have undergone rigourous testing for the benefit of their customer.

Cold Jet

  • AERO 40FP
  • AERO 80FP
  • AERO 40
  • AERO 40HP
  • AERO 80
  • AERO 80HP
  • AERO 75DX

  • Karcher IB 15/80
  • Karcher IB 15/120 Professional

If you are dry ice blaster owner
If you can not see your blaster here, it may not yet have been assessed and approved for use with Jetty. A wide range of blasting machines have the characteristics to support Jetty Robot, contact us with the make and model of your equipment and we can assess and approve where applicable your existing equipment.

If you are dry ice blaster manufacturer
If you can not see your blaster(s) here, it may not yet have been assessed and approved for use with Jetty Robot. If you have a single hose blasting machine and you would like it reviewed contact us with the specification for initial research. We will endevour to test all suitably specified blasters within the Approved Blaster scheme. Should you choose to enroll in this scheme we can issue certification of compatibility which may be carried on our approved blasters page, on the blaster chassis and within the blaster manual.

Sponge Blasting Machines and Other Media

Contact us with more information on your proposed application for further recommendation.


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